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National History Day in Iowa Workshops: Books

This Guide is to help teachers and students prepare for their National History Day visit to the University of Iowa Libraries.

Book List

To maximize your time at the University of Iowa Libraries we recommend that you create a book list by searching our holdings for books using InfoHawk+. Note your title selections on the Book List handout attached above.

You will not be able to check out books but you can scan pages/chapters of relevant books and save them to a flash drive or send via email.

Locating Books

Use the UI library discovery tool, InfoHawk+, to find books,  determine if the library subscribes to a particular journal or magazine, and to find videos, DVDs, and other materials.
Includes holdings not only for the UI Libraries, but also the Law Library, and the State Historical Society of Iowa.


Brief tutorials for finding books via InfoHawk+ can be found here.

Finding Primary Sources in the InfoHawk+ catalog

Identifying Primary Sources in the InfoHawk+ Catalog:


Keywords/subject words you can use in combination with other search terms to locate primary sources in the InfoHawk catalog:

autobiographies               correspondence               diaries               documents/documentary
interviews                        letters                                manuscripts      memoirs
narratives                        sources                             speeches