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Management Majors Toolkit

Welcome! This site helps students and alumni find a wide array of information about roles in Management, Human Resouces, and Entrepreneurship. If you are already majoring in Management, Human Resources, or Entrepreneurship, you can discover resources to h

Show me the money

MIT developed a living wage calculator to estimate the cost of living in a community or region based on typical expenses. The tool can help you determine what wage rate would allow you to meet your standards of living in a particular community or region. has a Annual / Monthly / Weekly / Hourly Salary Converter to help you easily move between hourly and annual salary rates.

For your reference:

Annual Salary

Hourly Wage (40 hours per week)

$100,000 $48.08
$75,000 $36.06

$24.04 has information about the average salary for various job titles in different locations: has a salary wizard with salary, bonus, and benefits information. You can also customize it by your location, years of experience, education, number of direct reports, and so on: has information about salaries, and you can customize slightly based on your location, years of experience and industry.