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This guide contains resources specific to the needs of TRIO students enrolled in the Steps to Success TRIO curriculum.

Finding Academic or Scholarly Articles

The resources listed on this page are ones that undergraduate students often use to locate resources to develop and complete research project requirements. NOTE: If you are conducting research for a course in your major, you might want to find a Subject Guide created for research in that discipline and use the resources listed on that guide to conduct your search. 

This video will walk you through using InfoHawk+ to find articles. 

Resources - A Selection of Databases available from The University of Iowa Libraries

A selection of just some of the many databases available for finding articles is listed below. Other indexes and databases can be found through the Find Resources section of the Library's website. 

These databases help you locate relevant articles in scholarly journals, magazines and newspapers. In many cases, the full text of the article is available right in the database. When that is not the case, always click on the gold UILink UILink button  to see if we subscribe to the periodical in print or online. Chances are good that we do.