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This guide contains resources specific to the needs of TRIO students enrolled in the Steps to Success TRIO curriculum.

Finding Books in InfoHawk+

To get to InfoHawk+, start from the UI Library's front home page,

You can find books and other print materials in InfoHawk+ from the front page of the UI Libraries' Website. Simply type in the title in the basic search box or to browse books, type in a basic topic or keyword, then select books under "resource type" on the left. You can also try adding a subject to your search, such "literature" or "fiction".

Watch this simple VIDEO on how to find books through InfoHawk+. 


Advanced Search

Using the Advanced Search in InfoHawk+ will also help to better find exactly what you're looking for. Type in a genre you wish to read. For example, fantasy. In the dropdown menu where it says any field, select subject. Under material type, select books. You can also narrow which UI Library you wish to search within. Select Main Library, as Main contains majority of fiction books. Now you should see a list of fantasy books show up. View the example below.