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Music Research Tools: Grove Music Online

Grove Music Online

Grove Music Online is a music encyclopedia that covers people, places, subjects, styles, genres, instruments, and more. Its focus is on European classical music, so its recommended to look at other sources for popular and world music articles.

Grove Music Online: Profile

What will I find in Grove Online?


Grove contains articles about:

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  • People
  • Places
  • Instruments
  • Forms
  • Genres
  • Notation
  • Operas
  • and much more...

Articles are authored by music scholars from around the world. For composers, you'll find not only historical information, but discussions of musical works.

However, there's a lot more to Grove than biographical articles. Check out entries for cities, like Paris or London and learn about the musical legacy of a location. If you want to know about the development of a genre, like opera, or a form, like symphony, Grove's a great source.


Works Lists are useful, but it's hard to say exactly when you'll need to use them. However, one time you'll definitely need to access a comprehensive and reliable works list is when you are creating a concert or recital program. 

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That's because Grove works lists will give you information like premiere dates, instrumentation, op. #s, first publication and/or manuscript info, and for those composers for which they exist, the information you'll need to locate various works in collected editions. 

Grove works lists also provide index information for some of the large collected editions, like those for Bach, Mozart, Schubert, and Beethoven. 


Every Grove article is thoroughly researched. Cited sources, consulted sources, and even sources that are recommended to readers are included in each article's Bibliography.stack of books icon

Grove bibliography entries are very short; a holdover from its print days where being succinct meant saving space in an already large and expensive to print 29 volume set. That means information you are used to seeing in a citation may not be present. There should, however, be enough information for you to track the item down in InfoHawk+, in WorldCat, or online.


Grove started with just the dictionary of music and musicians, but soon expanded into publishing smaller sets that covered various subtopics in music, including:

  • Musical Instruments
  • Jazz
  • Opera
  • American Music

In recent years, these sets have slowly been added to the Grove Music Online platform. While there are articles that have yet to make the transition, in the end, all the Grove dictionaries will live in the same place: Grove Music Online.


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