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Business Analytics & Information Systems Toolkit

BAIS curriculum


An undergraduate in Business Analytics ensures you have the core skills to process, manage, and gain insights from data and communicate these insights to a wide audience. The major offers flexibility in electives for you to shape your education to best match your career goals.


BAIS curriculum



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Business Analytics and Data Analytics?

Business Analytics is focused on using statistical understanding of data for storytelling, business decision making, insights and visualizations (sharing data through beautiful graphics).  BAIS teaches basic analytics skills in the core classes and allows students to shape their future career opportunities through a broad array of technology electives. This is a real differentiator from DA since it allows students to gain way more understanding in technology concepts such as data security, cloud computing, and product management or go deeper into analytics with data engineering, modeling business problems as math problems and working with big data. BAIS is business-focused and applies different analytics methods to provide business understanding, solutions, and recommendations.  As we used to say, "Give me a data and I'll give you a business decision." 
Data analytics is highly mathematic driven and uses mathematical principals for analytics modeling techniques. Basically, it's a major that gets way more in-depth on the behind the scenes calculations, data cleaning and analysis.