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Marvin A. Pomerantz Business Library

Business Analytics & Information Systems Toolkit

Useful Resources For Your Job Search

  • Start NOW!
  • Think about how you are marketing yourself and how your resume is put together. You can request a resume review in Handshake, and you can request a phone or video consultation with the professional career advisors through MyUI. Take advantage of both of those things.
  • Apply for A LOT of opportunities. The professional advisors recommend students usually apply for 50 - 100 jobs unless they are location bound. She recommends planning to apply for 100 or more jobs now.
  • You will probably be doing remote phone or video-chat interviews. Prepare and practice for that reality.
  • Be open and flexible about industries, organizations, and locations. Have a plan A and a plan B. Remember, you are not looking for your forever job. Still, you want a position where you fit and can learn, and grow for a couple of years.