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Early Manuscripts at Iowa: View All Manuscripts

Pre-1600 (and a few post-1600) manuscripts located in Special Collections at the University of Iowa

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Palm leaf manuscript illustrated parable - xMs U584pa10

Burmese fortune teller's book - xMs U584bu

Bible Leaf- xfBS389.075 1943 (1150 leaf)

Vulgate Bible Leaf- xfBS389.O75 1943 (1240 leaf)

Vulgate Bible Leaf- xfBS389.O75 1943 (1310 leaf)

Antiphonal- xMMS.An1

French Antiphonal- xMMS.An2

Spanish Antiphonal- xMMS.An4

Spanish or Italian Antiphonal- xMMS.An3

Particion de los Vienes- xMMs.Doc2


Bible leaf - xMMs.Bi1

Bible leaf- xMMs.Bi2

Bible leaf- xMMs.Bi3

Bible leaf- xMMs.Bi4

Bible leaf- xMMs.Bi5

Bible leaf- xMMs.Bi6

Clay tablet - xPJ4054 .U55

Qurʼān - xMs U584 qu

Qurʹān - xMs U584 qu2

Shāhʹnāmah-i - xMs F522 sh

دىوان حافظ : Dīvān-i Ḥāfiẓ - xMs H139 di

Arabic manuscript - xMs U584 ar1

40 Monastic Stories - xMs U584 ar2

[Mahābhārata (fragment) : Bhagavad Gita ; Savitri] - xfMs M2141ma

[Old Burmese book used by fortune teller] - xMs U584bu2

[vīthi puṃ tau] - xfMs U584bu3

[Ethiopian talisman manuscript sewn inside closed leather case] - xMs U584et

[Ethiopian binding 15 quire text without covering] - xMs U584etb15

[Ethiopian binding 17 quire text with exposed spine] - xMs U584etb16

[Ethiopian binding 17 quire text with exposed wooden boards and traditional case] - xfMs U584etb

[Ethiopian binding 13 quire text in tooled traditional case] - xMs U584etb16.2

[Ethiopian binding 6 quire text with covering of printed cloth] - xMs U584etb6

Daqayiq - xMs A3131da

Leaf from a Book of Hours - xMMs.Bo1

Leaf from a Book of Hours - xMMs.Bo2

Leaf from a Book of Hours - xMMs.Bo3

Book of Hours - xMMs.Bo5

Book of Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary - xMMs.Bo6

Book of Hours, use of Rome - xMMs.Bo7

Leaf from a Book of Hours - xMMs.Bo8

Book of Hours - xMMs.Bo9

Book of hours of Martine Sesander (Use of Rome) - xMMs.Bo10

Breviary - xMMs.Br1

Breviary for Cistercian Use - xMMs.Br2

Charter granting title of Citizen of Rome - xfMMs.Ch1

Charter of Robert Maleson of Oxnoll - xMMs.Ch2

Charter of John Odam of Methelwood, Norfolk - xMMs.Ch3

[Carta Ejectuoria de Nobleza] Ejecutoria del pleito litigado por Rodrigo de Henao, vecino de Pajares de Adaja (Ávila), con el fiscal del rey y el concejo y pecheros de dicha villa, sobre su hidalguía - xMMs.Ch4

Executoria contra la çiudad de Cuenca sobre las Tierras de la Cañada del Mançano - xMMs.Ch5

Indenture - xMMs.Ch6

King James I of England Charter - xMMs.Ch7

Indenture on vellum - xfMMs.Doc1

Liber Possessionum - xMMs.Doc5

Leaf from a gradual - xMMs.Ps4

Leaf from a gradual - xfMMs.Gr1

Leaf from a gradual - xfMMs.Gr2

Leaf from a gradual - xfMMs.Gr3

Gradual, summer part, for Dominican use - xfMMs.Gr4

Pharsalia - xMMs.Hi1

Cronica der Statt Nurmberg - xMMs.Hi2

Koran leaf - xMMs.Ko1

Ad Herennium - xMMs.Misc1

Sanctorum et virorum Dei atque sapientium astrologorum vaticinia de pontificibus et prophetiae de statu regnorum mundi - xMMs.Misc2

Doctoral Diploma issued from the University of Macerata - xMMs.Misc3

Fragments from Book 11 of Speculum Universale by Radulphus Ardens - xMMs.Misc4

A leaf from De vita contemplativa by Julianus Pomerius - xfMMs.Misc5

Carminum II/Odes II, Odes 3-9 - xMMs.Misc6

De opificio Dei and De ira Dei - xMMs.Misc7

Missale Romanum - xfMMs.Miss1

Missale - xfMMs.Miss2

Missal, Gradual and Introit - xfMMs.Miss3

Missal, Kyrie and Gloria - xMMs.Miss4

Venetian monastery catasticho manuscript - xMMs.NoR1

Italian confraternity book - xMMs.NoR2

Leaf of sermons on the Psalms by Philip, Chancellor of Paris - xfMMs.Pr1

Leaf containing portions of Psalms 101 and 102 - xMMs.Pr2

German prayer book - xMMs.Pr3

Summa Confessionum, Book of Prayers - xMMs.Pr4

Psalter - xMMs.Bo4

Psalter - xMMs.Ps1

Portion of Psalm 76 - xMMs.Ps2

Psalterium cum antiphonis - xMMs.Ps3

Psalter with commentary - xMMs.Ps5

Leaf from Bonaventure's Sermones de diversis - xMMs.De1

Leaf from Bonaventure's Breviloquium - xMMs.De2

Sermons by Albertus de Padua - xMMs.Se1

Leaf of sermons for Lent by Archbishop Jacobus de Voragine - xfMMs.Se2

Sermones de Tempore. Postillae, or commentaries on the Gospels of the Church year - xMMs.Se4

Leaf from a commentary on Isaiah by Thomas Aquinas - xMMs.Se5

Sermo de Passione Christi. Sermon with Gregorian chant cover (manuscript fragment in a book) - xBT430.T4

Theological treatise - xMMs.Se3

Annals recording notable occurances in the locality of Shrewsbury and nationally, between 1638 and 1750 - xMs C5815an

Anonymous account of Islamic battles - xMs A56ac