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What will I find in The Music Index?


Music Index features content from scholarly journals, but it also indexes articles from a wide range of magazines, newspapers, and trade journals (e.g., Choral Journal or School Band & Orchestra).


Some Music Index records contain abstracts of around 200 words that provides you with a summary of an item's content.

Abstracts are an excellent tool for quick evaluation of an item's relevancy to your research need.


Music Index covers a nice set of publications about popular music, like Billboard, Rolling Stone, and Variety.

Music Index also contains titles for specific popular genres, like Reggae Report or Bluegrass Music News.


Music Index has been around since 1949, making it the first source to index music scholarship and publications.

That being said, if you're research topic is contemporary to the years 1949-1969, be prepared to work with print Music Index volumes.

Index entries for the years 1970 - present are available online.