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Tool Library: Circulation Policy

Information on the Tools available for checkout at the Lichtenberger Engineering Library

Can I check out a tool?

Yes, if you are:

  • a University of Iowa Faculty and Staff
  • a University of Iowa Student enrolled during the current semester

How long can I check out a tool?

Cables and Markers- 1 Day

Hand Tools, Measuring Tools, Technology Tools, Creative Space, and Labquest- 1 week (7 days)

What if I am late returning a tool?

You incur a fine of $4 per day up to 10 days past the due date. At that point, you are charged a replacment fee of $40.

How do I check out a tool?

You must have your University of Iowa ID card with you to check out the equipment.

You must check out the tool in person. Checking out equipment for others IS NOT PERMITTED.

Reservations, Holds, or Recalls are not taken; the equipment is available on a first come, first serve basis.

When you are checking out equipment, make sure everything you need is present and undamaged before you leave.

You are responsible for any damage or loss to the equipment at the time of return.

How do I return a tool?

Equipment MUST be returned to the Circulation Desk. The book drop is NOT to be used for returning equipment.

Wait while the library assistant checks the equipment. Make sure you allow enough time to return the equipment.

Report equipment failure upon returning the equipment. If batteries or supplies need replacing, notify the library assistant upon return.

Every item borrowed must be returned. You will be held responsible for items missing or damaged due to neglect or misuse.

You must return/replace item(s) before checking out any additional equipment.

What if I damage or lose a tool?


The USER is held liable to pay all costs for replacement/repair of equipment due to misuse, neglect, lost and/or stolen; you will not be permitted to check out equipment until financial restitution has been made. You will not be responsible for normal wear and aging of equipment. Unreported damages will be investigated.

The equipment for checkout was purchased to enable faculty and students to enhance and further the academic experience. You are borrowing equipment that others wish to use as well. Abuse of this privilege by using the equipment improperly, or by not returning it on time will result in the suspension of your privilege to borrow equipment in the future.

Engineering Librarian

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Kari Kozak
Lichtenberger Engineering Library
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