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Japanese Literature: Dictionaries

Online Dictonaries

Japan Knowledge
This reference sources database includes 字通、日本国語大辞典、数え方の辞典、デジタル大辞泉、日本大百科全書(ニッポニカ)、Encyclopedia of Japan、Imidas、現代用語の基礎知識、日本人名大辞典 and many more ditcitionaries. Knowledge Searcher function could help you use Japanese reference sources.

Includes 118 dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other reference books. List of dictionaries:

Weblo 辞書 
Collection of dictionaries including 類語 (thesaurus), 英和・和英(English-Japanese/Japanese-English), 手話 (sign language), and many more glossaries.

Goo 辞書
Dictionaries available at Goo 辞書 Site: EXCEED 英和辞典, EXCEED 和英辞典, 大辞林 第2版 , デイリー 新語辞典+α, 新明解四字熟語辞, etc.

Yahoo 辞書
Dictionaries available at Yahoo 辞書 site: 大辞泉, 大辞林, 必携類語実用辞典, プログレッシブ英和中辞典, 新グローバル英和辞典, プログレッシブ和英中辞典, ニューセンチュリー和英辞典. You have two options for Japanese dictionaries, English-Japaense dictionaries, and Japanese-English dictionaries.

Eijiro on the web 英辞郎
Complied by a group of interpreters and translators. Especially useful to look up colloquial expressions and new words.

RNN 時事英語辞典
Useful website for reading news and current affairs.

Use your mouse like your pen and look up Chinese characters. 

Japanese Learner's Dictionary
You can listen to pronounciation. You can search this dictionary site in Japanese, English, and Romaji. 

Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Japanese-English Dictionary Server
English-Japanese, Japanese-English, Kanji dictionaries and more are available.

Use your mouse to look up words when reading websites or electronic documents.

Use your mouse to look up words when reading websites or electronic documents. For Firefox and Thunderbird users.

"Japanese Book News" Article on Japanese Dictionaries

"Recent Dictionaries of Note: New Reference Volumes that Get to the Heart of teh Lanuage" by Emmanji Jiro appeared in the Japan Foundation's "Japanese Book News #74." The following dictionaries were introduced in the article.

和英・英和辞典 Japanese<->English Dictionaries

Subject Headings:
Japanese language -- Dictionaries -- English.
English language -- Dictionaries -- Japanese.




   Lists 2800 words with romaji readings, "rubi,"examples, and parallel entries in Japanese and English. Good for beginners. 

国語辞典 Japanese Language Dictonary

Subject Heading: Japanese language -- Dictionaries.  


  JapanKnowledge includes 日本国語大辞典 and other dictionaries. 

  Accompanied by users guide (国語辞典の使い方).

類語 Synonyms

Subject Heading: Japanese language -- Synonyms and antonyms -- Dictionaries.

    With Romaji and "rubi."Explanations and examples are provided in English.


Subject Headings: Japanese language -- Etymology -- Dictionaries -- Japanese


文法辞典 Grammar Dictonary

Subject Heading: Japanese language -- Grammar -- Dictionaries.   

漢英辞典 Chinese Character Dictonaries

Subject Heading: Chinese language -- Dictionaries -- Japanese.


More 漢字辞典 More Chinese Character Dictionaries


  This Kanji dictionary cites examples from modern literature after the Meiji era. 
    Includes Japanese phrases and loan words in Kanji.


    Accompanied by users guide (漢字辞典の使い方). Rubi readings are provided.



擬音語・擬態語  Onomatopoeic Words & Mimetic Words

Subject Headings:
Japanese language -- Onomatopoeic words -- Dictionaries.
Japanese language -- Mimetic words -- Dictionaries.

     Manga is used to illustrate the use of onomatopoeic and mimetic words.

  •  Wa-Ei gitaigo giongo bunrui yoho jiten  = A thesaurus of Japanese mimesis and onomatopoeia : usage by categories / 〈和英〉擬態語・擬音語分類用法辞典 Main Japanese Collection PL668 .G60 1990

助数詞 Numerals

Subject Heading: Japanese language -- Numerals -- Dictionaries.