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Citing Business Sources

Better safe than sorry. Always cite!

APA (American Psychological Association)

When using APA style, the links below provide extensive information and guidance on how to cite a variety of sources.


Citing an article from Factiva:

Hudson, K. (2006, September 28). Wal-Mart to trim options for health coverage. The Wall 

     Street Journal, p. B2. Retrieved from Factiva database.

Citing Bloomberg:

Bloomberg L.P. (2004). Stock price graph for United Parcel Service 11/1/03 to 11/1/04.
         Retrieved November 2, 2004 from Bloomberg terminal.

Citing a report from Mintel:

Mintel. (2014, October). Mobile Apps - US - October 2014.  Retrieved October 17, 2014
         from Mintel Reports database. 


See more examples at Citing Business Sources by Boston University Libraries

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