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AI & Generative Chat Tools: Citing AI

Library guide on artificial intelligence tools and citing

AI and Academic Integrity

The University of Iowa defines academic misconduct as a violation and misbehavior of academic material. These include, but are not limited to plagiarism and cheating. It is important to remember that while using AI tools has many benefits, the generated content is not yours and should be cited as such.

For more information on academic misconduct, you can review the University of Iowa's policy.


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Maddi Brenner


This page was used and replicated by the University of California San Diego Libraries.

Citing Generative AI

3 Steps for Citing AI in your Work: 

question icon Make sure it is ethical for you to use an AI tool for your assignment.

question icon Fact-check any content you plan to use to ensure accuracy and reliability.

question icon Cite or acknowledge your use properly.


See below for guidance on how to cite/acknowledge the use of Artificial Intelligence.

  • MLA Style
  • APA Style
  • Chicago Style
  • Other options

Citing AI in MLA Style

Citing AI in APA Style

Citing AI in Chicago Style

Other Citation Options

Check out these resources, if you have content that may not fall under an available standard. If creating something for publication, always check to see if the resource's style guide includes how to cite AI.