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British Parliamentary Papers: Journals


Journals of the House of Commons. 
v.1 (1547/1628)–v.90 (1835)
v.223 (1967/1968)–v.240(1983/1984) 
Main Reserves and Media microfiche 1199
v.240 (1983/1984)–
Great Britain. Parliament. Rotuli Parliamentorum; ut et Petitiones, et Placita in Parliamento. (Rolls of Parliament)
fJ301.H12 v.1–6 (1767–77)
Index: fJ301.H12 Index
Journals of the House of Lords. 
v.1 (1509–77)–v.42 (1798/1800), v.202 (1969/1970)–v.220 (1986/1987)
INDEXES 1(1509)–52(1819), 166(1934)– 
Ford, Grace. A Select List of Reports and Other Papers in Journals of the House of Commons, 1688–1800. Nendeln, Liechenstein, KTO Press, 1976.
J301.M3 1976

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