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British Parliamentary Papers: Parliamentary Papers

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Parliamentary Papers

On-line British Parliamentary Papers from 1688-2014.

More current material is available from the UK Parliament web site on parliamentary papers.

Please note especially this section of the site: 

Access to parliamentary papers

Papers directly related to the work of Parliament, including committee publications, standing orders, sessional returns, registers of interests, and some financial publications, are available through the Publications and Records area of the Parliament website.

Publications and Records

The Official Documents website makes available the full texts of House of Commons Papers which originate in government departments.

Official Documents website 

For users wishing to utilize the Libraries' print and/or microfiche collection: 

House of Commons Sessional Papers of the Eighteenth Century. Ed. Sheila Lambert. Wilmington, Del., Scholarly Resources, 1975. 
fJ301.K6 18th Cent. v.1–v.145. Government Information
Indexes: v.1 (1715–1760), v.2 (1761–1800)
A General index to the sessional papers printed by order of the House of Lords or presented by special command, 1714 to1805. Dobbs Ferry, NY, Oceana Publications, 1986.
J301.J6 1986 Main
House of Commons Parliamentary Papers, 1801–1900. Cambridge, England; Alexandria, Virginia, Chadwyck-Healey, 1988. 
Main Media  Microfiche 1149
Index: Z2019.C63 1988 (v.1–5) Main Reference. 
Guide: Z2019.C62 1991 Main Reference
Jones, H.V. Catalogue of Parliamentary Papers, 1801–1900 (with a few of earlier date). London, P.S. King & Son.
fZ2009.C37 1994 Main Reference
General Alphabetical Index to the Bills, Reports, Estimates, Accounts, and Papers Printed by Order of the House of Commons and to the Papers Presented by Command. London, H.M.S.O.
1801–1852 fJ301.M5 G74 1801/52 Main Reference
1852–1899 fJ301.M5 G73 1852/99 Main Reference
Irish University Press Series of British Parliamentary Papers. Shannon, Irish University Press, 1968–71. 
1000 volumes of selected papers divided into subject-based sets.
Checklist of British Parliamentary Papers in the Irish University Press 1000-Volume Series, 1801–1899. Shannon, Ireland, 1972. 
fZ2009.G68 Suppl. Main Reference
A listing of all documents contained in the series. University of Iowa call numbers for the set are listed here.
Catalogue of British Parliamentary Papers in the Irish University Press 1000-Volume Series and Area Studies Series, 1801–1900. Dublin, Irish University Press, 1977. 
fZ2019.I723 Main Reference 
Detailed descriptions of each volume's contents.
A General Index to the Sessional Papers Printed by Order of the House of Lords or Presented by Command. London, Hansard.
1801–1852 fJ301.J62 v.1 Main Reference
1801–1859 fJ301.J62 v.2 Main Reference
1859–1870 fJ301.J62 v.3 Main Reference
1871–1884/85 fJ301.J62 v.4 Main Reference 

Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Sessional Papers. 
J301.K6 Government Information. 1900, v.6–106; 1901, v.5–92; 1902, v.5–131; 1903, v.5–88; 1904, v.5–113; 1905, v.6–104; 1906–1959/1960; 1960/1961, v.1–10, 13–35; 1961/1962–1979/1980.
Indexes follow each year. The indexes for 1980/1981–1983/1984 are shelved at the end of this section.
Main Media microfiche 375
J301.K6 (1900–1979/1980). Government Information. Indexes are shelved at the end of each year
J301.K6 Index (1980/1981–1983/1984)
Main Media microfiche 798 (1985/1986– ). Indexes are stored in a binder above the microfiche cabinets.


Index to Current House of Commons Parliamentary Papers.
Main Media CD-ROM 6375: (1998– )

General Index to the Bills, Reports and Papers Printed by Order of the House of Commons and to the Reports and Papers Printed by Command, 1900 to 1948–49. London, H.M.S.O., 1960.
J301.M3 Main Reference
Parsons, K.A.C. A Checklist of the British Parliamentary Papers (Bound Set) 1801–1950. Cambridge, University Library, 1958.
J301.K655 Main Reference
House of Lords Papers
WWW. Various papers, including bills and select committee publications can be found on the House of Lords home page Roughly 1997–
Breviates (annotated bibliographies—various titles) 
1696–1834 fJ301.K62 1953 Main Reference
1833–1899 J301.M3 1953 Main Reference
1900–1916 JN549.F59 Main Reference
1917–1939 JN549.F6 Main Reference
1940–1954 JN549.F62 Main Reference
1955–1964 J301.M3 1970 Main Reference

British Government Publications, an Index to Chairmen of Committees and Commissions of Inquiry. London: Library Association, Reference, Special and Information Section, 1974.
          vol. 1, 1800–1899 fZ2009.R53 1974 Main Reference

British Government Publications, an Index to Chairmen and Authors. London: Library Association, Reference, Special and Information Section, 1974.
vols. 2–4, 1900–1982 fZ2009.R53 1974 Main Reference

A Numerical Finding List of British Command Papers Published.
1833–1961/62 Z2009.D5 Main Reference
1962/63–1976/77 Z2009.D5 1982 Main Reference
Rodgers, Frank, Serial Publications in the British Parliamentary Papers, 1900–1968: A Bibliography. Chicago, American Library Association, 1971.
Z2009.R63 Main Reference

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