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Chinese Film Guide: Citation Help

Style Guides for Citing Sources

These and other style guides are available in the Reference section on the 1st floor of the Main Library.

Citation Examples


Film or Videorecording

Annie Hall. Dir. Woody Allen. 1977. Videocassette. MGM/UA Home Video, 1991.



Achbar, M. (Director/Producer), Abbott, J. (Director), Bakan, J. (Writer), & Simpson, B. (Producer) (2004). The corporation [DVD]. Canada: Big Picture Media Corporation.

Motion Picture

Gilbert, B. (Producer), & Higgins, C. (Screenwriter/Director). (1980). Nine to five [Motion Picture]. United States: Twentieth Century Fox.

Places to Get Research Help

Writing a Film Review

There are a number of approaches to writing a review: 1) a plot-driven, 2) a thematic or idea-driven, 3) a director- or actor-driven, or some combination of two or all three of those elements.

From: Writing Film Reviews for American History and Film Class

Film Analysis