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Chinese Film Guide: Film Reviews

Roger Ebert's Movie Reviews

Pulitzer Prize winning Chicago Suntimes critic Roger Ebert is a great admirer of world cinema.

The Criterion Collection: Selected Articles

Popular Film Reviews

Some Notes on Searching for Film Reviews:

  • When looking for film reviews there may be some difficulty in distinguishing between general film reviews (popular) and scholarly criticsm (Peer-reviewed). General film reviews tend to be more brief and general in their use of language. More scholarly reviews often employ cinematic nomenclature like Mise-en-scène or auteur theory. They also tend to be fairly lengthy.
  • Both popular and scholarly reviews employ images with a fair regularity as cinema is a visual medium and pictures illustrate concepts authors are attempting to describe or articulate in their articles. Or more often, they let the reader know exactly what film the author is referring to.
  • For film studies research, it's important to read the about section to know what kind of journal or publication format you are dealing with.
  • One should not automatically exclude certain authors just because they publish on say, a blog. In the case of a blog, try to note if the author has a large following or publishes in a more widely disseminated medium.

Also See Cinema Studies Databases under the Film Databases Tab.

    Scholarly Film Reviews

    Chinese Film Reviews

    Remember: when searching a Chinese Film Site or Database, you can be more specific in your search terms. For example, it's not necessary to search for the term "Chinese film" because it's already assumed that's what you're searching for. Instead, you can search for "fifth generation cinema", a sub-category of "Chinese film".