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Urban and Regional Planning: Iowa City Planning Documents

City Planning Documents

Scanned Iowa City Planning Documents. 1934-1989.

Preliminary report on city planning for Iowa City, Iowa. 1934,9646

Land use and zoning; Iowa City, Iowa.  1959. Preliminary report:,9649

Proposal for renewal of the Iowa City central business district and adjacent areas. 1960,9651

Comprehensive city plan:  Iowa City, Iowa. 1961.,9648

Urban design study : City-University urban renewal project, project no. Iowa R-14 Iowa City, Iowa. 1966.,9647

Iowa City comprehensive plan : adopted May 30, 1978.,9650

Iowa City comprehensive plan, 1983 update.  Addendum I.,9645

The pagination in one of the books was rather unique, so we created multiple pdfs of that piece, and uploaded it as a compound object.  The title is:  Iowa City comprehensive plan, land use update, 1983.  It can be found here.,9662

Iowa City comprehensive plan 1989 update.,9644

Iowa City comprehensive plan, 1997.

IC2030: Comprehensive Plan Update (adopted May 4, 2013).

Iowa City Bicycle Master Plan (2017).

Iowa City Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (2018).

Johnson County Iowa Documents

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