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Open Scholarship Toolkit

Open Access Agreements

Research libraries are increasingly entering into open access agreements (sometimes called transformative agreements, read-and-publish or publish-and-read agreements) with academic publishers to allow affiliated authors to publish open access without paying article processing charges (APCs). Under this model, libraries pay publishers for access to a journal’s full content, as well as the right to make their researchers’ work open access, under a single contract and fee. This allows authors to publish OA without paying APCs. If you have any questions about open access agreements, please contact your liaison librarian or the Scholarly Impact department. 

Articles published through our Open Access agreements are listed in the UI Libraries Support Open Access collection in IRO. Here are the open access agreements the UI Libraries has contracted so far:

As of October 2023, the funding from these agreements has saved UI authors over $1.5 million!

APC Discounts

UI Libraries has also negotiated discounts on APCs with certain publishers. If you have any questions about APC discounts, please contact your liaison librarian or the Scholarly Impact department. Here are the discount agreements we have on file: