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COMM:5200 Introduction to Research and Teaching: BrowZine

A brief overview of Communication Studies resources for Joy Hayes's Fall 2020 course.

BrowZine Basics

BrowZine logo


BrowZine allows you to browse scholarly journals available from the University of Iowa Libraries or from open sources on your tablet, iPhone or via the Web.

  • Access thousands of scholarly journals anywhere you have WiFi access.
  • View complete issues of journals including the table of contents.
  • Create a personal library of up to 64 favorite journals for easy access on your BrowZine interface.
  • Be alerted when a new issue of a journal is published.
  • Save articles on your mobile device to read later even when you are off line.
  • Download BrowZine articles to other services to help keep all of your information together in one place. 

BrowZine Video Tutorials

Search Tips and Tricks

BrowZine primarily displays journals which the University of Iowa has currently or previously subscribed. However, you may occasionally find issues where we don't have the most current access. Don't worry! Request it via InterLibrary Loan

When using BrowZine, think big picture! Be flexible in where you think a journal should be classified and don't hesitate to browse or search.

Viewing the table of contents a few editions of a journal can give a really good sense of the journal's usefulness to your academic needs. If it is useful, put the journal on your bookshelf! This will also help you stay current with the latest publications of your selected journals.

Find more information on My Bookshelf and BrowZine accounts here.