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About Iowa Research Online

Your IRO Profile

All UI faculty and researchers have profile pages in Iowa Research Online containing basic information and a works list. Sign in to Iowa Research Online to access your profile. Profiles are private by default, but individual researchers can choose to make them public at any time. 

IRO profiles are linked to the University of Iowa. If you leave the University, we recommend logging in to your profile and exporting your works. You will retain access to your profile for 60 days after your departure.

The Overview tab of your IRO profile contains information about you. Some information is added automatically, such as your contact information (work email, phone, and address) name, title, and current affiliation. If any of that information is incorrect, please contact us at for assistance.

Click the "Edit Profile" button or "Settings" to edit or add information to your profile. You can edit the following sections:

  • Profile image
  • Name (edit display name or add a name variant)
  • Display title
  • Research topics
  • Biography and Expertise
  • Links
  • Honors
  • Organizational Affiliations (past)
  • Education

If you have any questions or need assistance editing your profile, please contact us at

The Works tab in your IRO profile lists all the works we have matched with you and links to the full IRO record. When you're signed in to your IRO profile, you can manage your Works list:

  • Use the EXPORT ALL button to export the full list in BibTeX or RIS format, then import the list into a citation management program or other profile system. 
  • Use the ADD WORK button to submit your work if it's missing from your list. Contact us for assistance importing multiple items in batch.
  • Click the star icon to Add to highlights. Up to five Highlights will appear on the Overview tab of your public profile
  • Use the "More options" menu for an individual work (looks like three vertical dots to the right of the work's title) to:
    • Hide this work from your profile (NOTE: It will still be accessible via IRO)
    • Send Messages to IRO admins to let us know if something is wrong with the record
    • Export asset to export the selected work in BibTeX or RIS format

University of Iowa researchers can Sign in to Iowa Research Online to access their profile. These profiles are private by default. Researchers can make their profiles public by clicking the Make your profile public? link. 

Make your profile public


Once you've made your profile public, you can find your profile URL by going to Edit Profile or Settings and then the My public profile link section:

My public profile link





Public profile URLs use your full name, including middle initial, by default. Please contact us at if you would like to change the URL for your profile.

IRO profiles are linked to the University of Iowa. If you leave the University, we recommend logging in to your profile and exporting your works. You will retain access to your profile for 60 days after your departure.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your profile, please contact

Save time and keep your ORCID profile up-to-date by connecting your ORCID iD to your IRO profile today! Once they are connected, the Works listed in your public or private IRO profile will be automatically sent to the Works section of your ORCID profile every night. To connect your ORCID:

  1. Sign In to your IRO profile and go to Settings or Edit Profile. In the Profile > Global IDs section, you'll see an option to Register or Connect your ORCID iD.Register or Connect your ORCID iD
  2.  If you don't have an ORCID iD yet, you'll be able to create one. If you already have an ORCID iD, you'll be prompted to enter it, then to grant the University of Iowa - Iowa Research Online permission to read and/or write data to your ORCID profile. (Note: you can revoke this permission at any time through your ORCID profile.)
  3. Once you've connected your ORCID iD, Works listed in your IRO profile will automatically be sent to your ORCID profile. For example:ORCID record with Source: University of Iowa - Iowa Research OnlineYou'll receive an email from ORCID, notifying you that the University of Iowa - Iowa Research Online has made changes to your ORCID record. You can choose to hide or delete individual works through your ORCID profile. 

Updates run nightly, so your ORCID profile will be automatically updated every time a new Work is added to your IRO profile. If you have any problems or questions, please contact us at and we'll be happy to assist you.

The Metrics section of your IRO profile is only displayed when you are logged in. It does not display to the public. It contains three measures:

Metrics section of IRO profileTotal file downloads = the number of times any files deposited in IRO and associated with you have been downloaded from IRO.

Total output views = the number of times your works have been viewed in IRO.

Total times cited = the number of times your works have been cited. This number comes from Web of Science and is only included for works that are indexed in Web of Science.

You can choose to display or hide these metrics by going to the Metrics section of your IRO profile Settings:

IRO profile Metrics settings

Want to hear more (or less) about Iowa Research Online? You can control the emails you receive about Iowa Research Online by going to the Notifications section of your IRO profile Settings.

IRO profile notifications settings