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Anatomage Table: Gross Anatomy

asian male body
Asian Female Muscle
female asian sections
Digestive System + section
Digestive System + Histology

Gross Anatomy

Gross Anatomy is the first section of the Anatomage Table program. Users are prompted to choose from 4 different cadavers; an Asian male, an Asian female, a Caucasian male, and a Caucasian female. Due to the quality of the scans used to recreate the cadavers, the bodies have differing levels of detail.

  • The Asian female has the highest level of detail and is best for all levels of dissection.
  • The Asian male has high bone detail and is best for studying bony structures and insertions/origins.
  • The Caucasian male has the highest muscularity and is best for studying the muscle groups.
  • The Caucasian female provides a great option for all levels of dissection.

Under Gross Anatomy, users are able to

  • Explore human anatomy in 3D. Use the dissection and clipping tool to simulate an actual dissection.
  • Use the Layout icon to view MRI and CT scans side-by-side with the dissected organs to further understanding of the body.
  • View "fly-throughs" of organ systems. Experience first-hand how blood travels from the abdomen, through the heart, and out to the brain. See what it is like to be a piece of food traveling through the digestive system. 
  • Test your knowledge of the human body in Quiz Mode. Challenge your friends to a bone identifying competition under Game Mode.

Users have the option to screenshot the current view or screen record on the Anatomage Table. Screenshots and recordings can then be saved to a USB flash drive and opened for review on personal computers.

Gross Anatomy Training Resources

Questions and Reservations

For further questions concerning the Anatomage Table or to schedule training, submit a request through the Contact Hardin webpage.

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Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust

The Anatomage Table was purchased through the generous support of the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust.