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Anatomage Table: For Faculty

Curriculum Integration

To schedule a meeting to go over ways of incorporating the Anatomage Table into your courses' curriculum, email Matt Regan at

There are many ways to incorporate the Table into your courses' curriculum.

  • Self-Study: The Table provides a great study tool for students.
  • Quiz Mode: The Table offers a Quiz Mode that allows instructors to customize a quiz or create a Quick Quiz based on the structures made visible on the Table.
  • Pin Quizzes: Similar to a real cadaver, the Table allows instructors to place pins on the virtual cadaver for students to identify.
  • Lecture Content: Instructors can create content for lectures on the Table via Screenshots or Screen Recording.
  • Small Group Lectures: Depending on Table availability, instructors can reserve the Table and conduct small group, in-person lectures around the Table. Instructors will need to contact the Hardin Library staff in advance so accommodations can be made.
  • Much More!

This is just a snapshot of all the ways in which the Table can be incorporated into a health sciences curriculum. See below for more detail regarding each method and other ideas/considerations.

Questions and Reservations

For further questions concerning the Anatomage Table or to schedule training, submit a request through the Contact Hardin webpage.

To reserve the Anatomage Table, click here

Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust

The Anatomage Table was purchased through the generous support of the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust.