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COMM:1306 Understanding Communication - Humanistic Approaches: MLA Citation Help

This guide will help students navigate the research requirements in COMM 1306: Understanding Communication - Humanistic Appraches, Darrel Wanzer-Serrano, Spring 2020

A Brief Intro to MLA

What is it?
  • MLA style refers to a specific formatting style created by the Modern Language Association.
  • MLA is most commonly used by students and scholars in the humanities and liberal arts when writing papers and citing sources.
How does MLA work?
  • MLA Style uses a brief in-text citation and a full citation on a works cited page
Where can I find examples?
  • Examples of MLA citations can be found by source in the box below.

MLA Citation Resources

Looking for more info on how to cite using MLA?

Try these resources:

What about citation generators?

Citation generators can provide a useful start to citations, but they do not always produce accurate citations!

If you utilize a citation generator, even if it is from a database, it may not be correct. It is your responsibility to double-check the accuracy of the generated citation!