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Jennifer DeBerg

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Jennifer DeBerg
Contact Info:
319 335 8554
Office Hours:
Daily, hours variable. My office is on 2nd floor of Hardin Library in commons west, room 207 f. You can always stop by to see if I am available, but best to make appointment in advance.


Communication Sciences & Disorders resources
by Jennifer DeBerg - Last Updated Mar 27, 2014
Speech Pathology & Audiology
Tags: audiology, deafness, speech_pathology
Family Medicine Resources
by Jennifer DeBerg - Last Updated Jul 7, 2014
Electronic resources for the Department of Family Medicine.
Tags: evidence_based_practice, family_medicine_guide, family_medicine_library, family_medicine_resources, health_sciences
Gray/Grey Literature
by Amy Blevins, Jennifer DeBerg, Marianne Mason, Sara Scheib - Last Updated Jul 24, 2014
A selection of written research material not commercially published and not widely disseminated.
Tags: gray_literature, grey_literature, sciences, technical_reports
Music Therapy
by Katie Buehner, Jennifer DeBerg - Last Updated May 5, 2014
University of Iowa subscribed resources for all music therapy students, faculty, and staff.
Tags: allied_health, music_therapy, therapy
Nursing Resources
by Jennifer DeBerg - Last Updated Jun 12, 2014
Resources for anyone affiliated with the University of Iowa College of Nursing or University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.
Tags: evidence_based_practice, health_sciences, nursing
Otolaryngology Resources
by Jennifer DeBerg - Last Updated Jul 3, 2014
A list of useful resources for medical students, residents and clinicians in otolaryngology.
Tags: oto_books, oto_guide, oto_library, oto_resources
Physical Therapy
by Jennifer DeBerg - Last Updated Jun 12, 2014
An introduction to UI Libraries resources pertaining to Physical Therapy
Tags: allied_health_disciplines, physical_therapy
Radiation Oncology Resources
by Jennifer DeBerg - Last Updated Jan 14, 2014
Electronic resources for use by Radiation Oncology students, fellows, and faculty.
Tags: electronic_books, evidence-based_practice, journals, lab_values, pda, radiation_oncology, radiology
Radiology Resources
by Jennifer DeBerg, Nichole Jenkins - Last Updated Jun 20, 2014
A collection of radiology resources for students, residents, faculty and staff.
Tags: associations, clinical_tools, clinical_vignettes, electronic_books, evidence-based_practice, images, journals, radiology
Systematic Reviews
by Amy Blevins, Jennifer DeBerg, Xiaomei Gu - Last Updated Mar 27, 2014
This guide provides resources for finding and writing systematic reviews.