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TRIO SSS: Finding Books

This guide contains resources specific to the needs of TRIO students enrolled in the Steps to Success TRIO curriculum.

Research Mindset Tip

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When you think of libraries, you think of books, but what do books make you think of? How about the sharing of ideas across time and space? That's a powerful thing! People who have the opportunity and ability to produce books have a distinct advantage in spreading their ideas. As a reader, just remember the old adage, the person who does not read has no advantage over the person who cannot read.  


Featured Service

Do you need a book that the University of Iowa Libraries does not have?  Search and request it with UBorrow.  With over 90 million volumes, UBorrow combines the holdings of 13 major research Libraries.

  • Receive books faster than with recalls or interlibrary loan.
  • Keep books longer than with interlibrary loan.
  • Books will not be recalled except under unusual circumstances.

Still cannot find what you need?  Interlibrary Loan is there to help.

Lesson - Finding Books (and more) in InfoHawk+

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What can InfoHawk+ help me find?

InfoHawk+ searches our physical materials (books, DVDs, etc.). It's the tool you need to use to find a book on the shelf, or an e-book online. Books are only part of what it can find.

It will also search a wide range of electronic resources, including Iowa Research Online, selected major databases in a diverse set of academic disciplines, and items unique to the UI Libraries like those in our Iowa Digital Collections.

InfoHawk+ Tutorials

Your friendly University of Iowa Librarians created these tutorials to help you learn how to use InfoHawk+ like a pro. If you have any questions, please ask a librarian.

InfoHawk+ Books

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