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Support for Software Packages


SAS Repository: This site is a repository for papers from SAS conferences. Search to learn more about a SAS topic.

SAS Self-Paced e-Learning: The University has a site license for a variety of SAS self-paced eLearning courses that are normally pretty expensive. To access, go to the website, login, scroll to SAS Self-Paced e-Learning and follow the instructions.

SAS official website tutorial: The SAS official website has a number of free tutorials for SAS studio, including managing and manipulating data in SAS Studio, using SAS Studio to perform common statistical analyses, and creating graphs in SAS Studio. The site requires you to set up a free user account to access the tutorials.

SAS Blogs: SAS operates these blog websites providing more technical and advanced programming information.

The DO Loop SAS Blog 2: This blog page The Do Loop run by Rick Wicklin, contains very useful techniques for advanced SAS users, especially Statistical programming with an emphasis on SAS/IML programs.

SAS Graphics Samples Output Gallery: SAS provides several graph and plot command options. On this web page, these options are organized by their specific command.


SPSS lecture videos: This website accompanies the book Discovering Statistics Using SPSS by Andy Field. Among other things it contains some useful video tutorials for SPSS basics, and performing certain functions and types of analysis using SPSS.

SPSS Tutorials: Intro to SPSS Environment to data preparation: This Kent University library website presents tutorials on preparing data for analysis with SPSS, from data creation to manipulating variables and data.

SPSS syntax for advanced analysis: For more advanced SPSS users, this website from UCLA describes how to use SPSS syntax

Sample SPSS syntax codes: This website provides sample SPSS syntax codes and techniques many SPSS users created by themselves, ordered by topic. 

Syntax reference by IBM: IBM provides a SPSS syntax reference book for every analysis and technique.

SPSS official tutorial: IBM SPSS provide tutorials for statistical analysis using various features of the SPSS software package. This website includes basic statistics concepts and information for running statistical analysis procedures. It also provides specific details about algorithms, models, and estimation techniques adapted for SPSS.


Comprehensive R Archive Network: You can download R and it's associated packages from this website. It provides links and tutorials for all R users from beginners to advanced users. In the Manuals section, you will find Introduction to R, which covers many R topics with examples. 

R video tutorials on YouTube: YouTube hosts a number of R video tutorials on this page.

R graphical manual: This webpage provides R graphics codes and examples.

ggplot for R: ggplot is a plotting system for R. This webpage provides sample codes for creating graphics and plots using R. There are categories and key words to make selection easier.


Video tutorials for Excel 2013: This website provide free video tutorials for learning Excel 2013 basic and expert level procedures.