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Physics and Astronomy Graduate Student Library Orientation: Home


Welcome to the Sciences Library Orientation for Physics and Astronomy Graduate Students! There are more databases and resources available on the Physics Guide and Astronomy Guide.

How to set up a research consultation

Why schedule a research consultation?

If you have trouble finding books or articles, a research consultation with one of our sciences librarians will help you get started and save you time.

How can I set up a research consultation?

To set up a consultation, email Laurie Neuerburg or fill out this web form to set up a meeting.

What will happen at a research consultation?

The librarian will help you choose which databases, websites, or catalogs to search, help you with identifying keywords, and advise you on advanced search techniques.


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Databases and Catalogs


Need help? Contact me.

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Laurie Neuerburg
Office: 450 VAN
Pronouns: she, her, hers
Phone: 319-467-0216