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MyLibro and Alexa: Alexa and Mobile Apps

About the Amazon Alexa Project

Student developed prototype for Alexa Skill

During the 2018 spring semester, Librarian Kim Bloedel partnered with  College of Business lecturer Kevin Felker to design and implement a voice technologies project for students enrolled in the Information Systems Capstone class. Student groups received Amazon Dots and were charged with developing a voice interface for a business library Amazon Alexa Skill.   The students' work served as a prototype for the UI Libraries Amazon Alexa skill. 

Need Help? Contact Kim

Profile Photo
Kim Bloedel
Pomerantz Business Library
Office: C342 PBB

MyLibro App on Apple and Android Devices

Download the App

 • Search for “myLIBRO” on the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

• Install or download the app to your device,

Sign Up Page:
Open the myLIBRO App and select the Create myLIBRO Account button.
• Choose Library
• Enter in your Hawk ID and Password

Once you are Logged In, you can access your library using Voice Mode or Chat Mode.

Menu Options:

Tap on the three vertical lines in the top left-hand corner. This will open the following options:
Returns you to the app landing screen.
Submit sugges/ons to improve the app experience.
Quick Help
Provides instructions/Tutorial Videos to access Library via Alexa Skill and Text-Chat.
App version, privacy policy, and terms of service. Logout Logout of the myLIBRO app.

Under "General Search" or "Course Reserves," search by Keyword, Title, Author and Subject.

You can place a book on hold and select to pick up the book at a campus library. Please note that holds are not available for course reserve books,

MyLibro and Amazon Alexa

  How to use myLIBRO in Alexa Device (For all actions) 
  Enable Your Alexa myLIBRO skill
     • To enable the myLIBRO skill, say “Alexa, Enable myLIBRO”.
  Authenticate Your Alexa myLIBRO skill You will only need to authenticate your myLIBRO       skill the first time you use it on an Alexa device.
     • Generate a code from Settinggs -> Alexa Authentication Code.
     • myLIBRO will ask for the authen/ca/on code for verifica/on.
     • Read out the authentication code.
     • Once verified you are ready to interact with myLIBRO.