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"Medieval" or "Middle Ages" generally refers to the history of Europe from roughly the mid-fifth century to the end of the fifteenth century (450-1500).

Best Bets - Finding Articles

The International Medieval Bibliography (IMB) is the primary index of articles in academic journals and collections of essays in medieval studies. Searches can be restricted to the IMB or run in both the IMF and the Bibliographie de civilisation medievale, which will retrieve entries for books. Both the IMB and the BCM are multilingual, but the Advanced search screen allows limitation by language.

Academic Search Elite does not index as much scholarship in medieval studies as IMB, but it is updated more frequently.

As the title indicates, Feminae Medieval Women and Gender Index specializes in indexing articles, book reviews, and essays on women, gender, and sexuality in the Middle Ages.

Iter Bibliography indexes journals and essay collections covering the European Middle Ages and Renaissance, 400-1700.

Historical Abstracts indexes articles mainly covering 1450 onward so there is some overlap with the late medieval period.

Brepols Miscellanea Online contains full text scholarly essays on the history, literature, cultures, and societies of medieval Europe.

JSTOR (Journal Storage) is a massive multidisciplinary archive of academic journals in the humanities, sciences,  and social sciences. Searches can be made across multiple titles or limited to a single journal or selected journals. Note that this is primarily an archival database; it holds journals from their first issue up to the most recent 3 to 5 years, though in some cases, more recent issues are included.  


Iowa Digital Library

Title: Illustrations and excerpts from A medieval medical atlas: Roger de Salern, Livre de chirurgie, 13th century

Author: Roger, of Salerno, 12th cent.

Description: This sequence of brightly coloured miniatures from a magnificent 13th century French manuscript is among the best examples of leading French book illumination during the medieval period of Gothic style.

Host Institution: University of Iowa Libraries. John Martin Rare Book Room

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