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Linking to Full-Text Articles for Course Pages: About linking

Why Create Links?

Most online journal subscriptions are governed by signed licenses which are legally binding contracts which govern the use of the journals. Anyone affiliated with the University of Iowa is expected to  adhere to the provisions of these licenses and of federal copyright law. Licenses generally discourage uploading PDF files to course pages, but do support generating links to the article content. 

Most library resources, including print and online journals, are governed by copyright. For more information on copyright, see:

Proxy URL

The following URL fragment can be added in front of standard URLs to ensure that off-campus users will be prompted to enter their HawkID and password to gain access to University-licensed resources.



You can also use the box below to convert links to proxied links:

Proxy Link Generator

1. Copy and paste your source URL here:

2. Click this:

3. Copy and use the resulting link:

Considerations and Tips

Publishers have yet to adopt a universally standardized method of linking. Furthermore, access from off-campus requires that users have a means to prove their University affiliation (HawkID). This is usually accomplished with a proxy URL. You will have to choose the best method according to your students’ needs and what the publisher makes available.

When generating links, it is useful to have the proxy url and the doi prefix ready to be copied/pasted. In order to create functional links, extra spaces should be removed and formatting that is often found online should not be used. A text editing program such as Notepad (for PC) or  a similar program can be used to contain the prefix urls and to help remove formatting. 

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Need Help?

If you are trying to link to an article and none of the methods in this guide work for you, or if you have questions, please contact your Hardin departmental liaison for further assistance.