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ENGL:5000 Intro to Graduate Study - Buckley, Fall 2023: Dictionary of Literary Biography

An introductory collection of library resources for new graduate students within the Department of English.

Dictionary of Literary Biography Basics

Dictionary of Literary Biography

The Dictionary of Literary Biography provides comprehensive access to the series dedicated to making literature and its creators better understood and more accessible to students and interested readers while simultaneously satisfying the standards of librarians, teachers, and scholars. The series provides reliable information on authors and their works in an easy to understand, engaging format, while placing writers in the larger perspective of literary history. Dictionary of Literary Biography includes the main series, documentary, and yearbook volumes.

Dictionary of Literary Biography Video Tutorial

There are no current videos available from Gale, the provider of the Dictionary of Literary Biography, regarding how to use the database. There are videos about Topic Finder - a unique way to find associations and related terms during your search. Watch this video to learn more. General usage tips for Gale databases can be found here and include topics like citing and exporting. 

If you need a mental break from your research, please enjoy a calming moment:

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Search Tips and Tricks

The Dictionary of Literary Biography provides HELP topics at the bottom of this page, including how to best utilize the Boolean searching operators in the database (using AND, OR, and NOT, for example). 

Gale, the service provider for the Dictionary of Literary Biography, does have two unique search tools that may help you in discovering relevant research.

The Topic Finder (explained in this video link and shown below) helps visualize connections between topics. Topic Finder from Gale, sample results for the term "Science" and its related subjects

The Term Frequency tool allows you to explore the coverage of your search term, graphed over time.