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ENGL:2013 Reading and Writing About Poetry: American Poetry

Collection of resources useful for ENGL:2013 Reading and Writing About Poetry, Fall 2020, Phillip Round

American Poetry Basics

Image of Literature Online logo

American Poetry is part of the larger Literature Online database. The bibliographic basis of American Poetry is the Bibliography of American Literature (Yale University Press, 1955-1991) ... extensively supplemented with additional poets recommended by the Editorial Board ... The database aims to include the complete works of all major poets and a substantial number of secondary figures. It principally covers the period to 1900, although a few poets active after 1900 are also included." 

As part of Literature Online, do not be surprised to find non-American poets during your research. Our collection covers world literature and will yield results more broad than the name American Poetry suggests.

American Poetry/Literature Online Tutorial

A general video about the Literature Online database can be found here

Below is a visual depiction of what results can be found in the Author search within Literature Online, including the American Poetry database:

 Image of Langston Hughes Author page in Literature Online

Authors are frequently the axis upon which users engage with content and Author Pages provide a “one-stop” entry point to get all information related to an author including biographies, primary texts, criticism, reference works, multi-media resources and other related content.

1. Information about the author - gender, nationality, literary movement and a biography. In many cases there’s a picture of the author.

2. Links to LION records related to the author - Most viewed primary texts, Recent criticism, Relevant reference works, Authors from the same literary movement, Related Video, Related Audio.

Source: ProQuest LibGuide: Literature Online, Author Pages,



Search Tips and Tricks

While searching for a specific author is an option within American Poetry/Literature Online, you can also utilize the Browse feature of the database.

Literature Online screenshot of Browse menu

1) The Browse feature of Literature Online allows you to view the list of Authors by:

  • Literary period
  • Literary movement
  • Author name
  • Literature Collection

The list of the available terms per each index will change according to the Literature Online collection you have access to.

2) Click on the link View # author pages next to the term of interest to reveal all books by that particular Literary period, Literary movement or Author name in the Results page.

3) The Browse by Literature Collection tab will show a list of collections that corresponds with your institution subscription.

4) You can search a collection separately.

5) You view a list of all authors in a collection.

Screenshot of Literature Online's browse collections tab

Source: ProQuest LibGuide, Literature Online, Browse Search Tips,