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Engineering Research 201: Help with Grants

This engineering research guide will help faculty and researchers to navigate library resources and services.
Help with Grants

Data Management

Most funding agencies require a data management (& sharing) plan to be included with research grant proposals. University of Iowa Libraries offer research data services including: 

If you would like to learn more about data management, please check out the tutorial:

Add Publications to My NCBI/SciENcv

If publications in your ORCiD are not up to date, you can use Iowa Research Online (AKA Esploro) Researcher Profile curated by University of Iowa Libraries. You can export publication records from Researcher Profile, and then import them to My Bibliography in My NCBI. Please watch the how-to video tutorial below.

Populate ORCiD Data in SciENcv

Both NIH and NSF require a biographical sketch (AKA biosketch) using SciENcv (Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae). SciENcv is a feature in My NCBI. That means not all engineering related publications can be found in NCBI's PubMed.

If you have ORCiD and publications in ORCiD are up to date, you can connect your ORCiD to SciENcv and then populate bibliographies from ORCiD in SciENcv. Please watch the how-to video tutorials below.