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Dance Theses: a guide

Formatting your Document

Use the Grad College Template

The Graduate College has a comprehensive website on how to prepare and format your thesis or dissertation. This includes an amazing Word template (available in versions for both PC and Mac users) that covers all prefatory pages, including title page, copyright page (optional), certificate of approval page, dedication, epigraph, and acknowledgement pages (optional), abstract and public abstract pages, table of contents, list of tables, list of figures, preface, and first major heading/body of document pages. Here's why this template is great:

  1. Everything is already set to the specifications required by the University for submission.
  2. You save time. Using the template allows you to focus on the content of your document instead of worrying about formatting in Microsoft Word. Margins, fonts, page numbers, page order, and other formatting issues are important because they structure your document so that it can be understood and read with ease, but formatting is time consuming, which is why the Graduate College provides the template.