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The Helen Lemme Reading Club Library: The Helen Lemme Reading Club Library

This guide provides information about The Helen Lemme Reading Club Library housed at the Afro American Cultural Center along with historical information about The Helen Lemme Reading Club after which the library is dedicated and named.

About the Project

The Helen Lemme Reading Club Library is the outcome of a collaboration between staff at The Afro American Cultural Center (Afro House) and The University of Iowa Libraries. The Helen Lemme Reading Club Library contains books read during The Helen Lemme Reading Club meetings (for more information about the club, see The Helen Lemme Reading Club page) as well as contemporary titles about the Black, African, and African American experience. It is the hope that The Helen Lemme Reading Club Library will provide current students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to continue the legacy of the work started by the Helen Lemme Rreading Club. 

This project was made possible in part by the support of a Diversity Catalyst Seed Grant (2019) from The University of Iowa Office of Diversity, Enrichment & Inclusion and a Supplemental Theme Semester Grant (2019) from The University of Iowa Office of Outreach & Engagement. 

Check back for library updates. Books from the Helen Lemme Reading Club Library will be available to students, faculty, and staff for check-out soon. A publicly available catalog of books contained in the library will be available here at a later date. 

Library Updates