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Qualitative Data Repository (QDR): Membership Benefits & Services

UI Institutional Membership

Membership in QDR offers University of Iowa researchers personal assistance with the curation and preservation of data projects.

QDR staff is available for consultation via email and Skype to aid prospective depositors and downloaders with preparing data for deposit. Please contact QDR for any assistance!



Why use a trustworthy institutionalized data archive?

Usable: content is in well-established machine-actionable digital formats.
Discoverable: a publicly available and freely searchable catalog is provided.
Meaningful: metadata, documentation and other materials needed to facilitate data re-use are offered.
Citable: formal data citation is facilitated with persistent, globally resolvable, machine-actionable identifiers that verifiably link to specific versions of data.
Secure: policies and procedural controls to protect confidentiality and personal privacy as required by law and the ethical standards of the research community.
Non-discriminatory: access to content is offered on terms that do not discriminate against persons, groups, or fields of endeavor.
Durable: long-term preservation of and access to digital assets is ensured.

QDR is a member of the Data Preservation Alliance for the Social Sciences (Data-PASS)


QDR offers a broad range of services to help depositors render their data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. QDR's staff are familiar with and alert to the special considerations that must be taken into account with sensitive data. QDR helps depositors to share their data files ethically and legally.