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For Rhetoric Instructors

Fall 2023 News and Updates

Teaching & Instruction

We look forward to working with you and providing library and information literacy instruction for your courses! Request your instruction sessions using the Rhetoric Library Instruction Request form. Reminder: Perch reservations fill up quickly -- schedule early!

We have more classroom-ready activities and assignments available! Thanks to our ongoing collaboration with instructors and faculty from your department, we have a handful of new activities ready for you to revise and incorporate into your classrooms, all with integrated information literacy learning objectives.

Research Assistance

Need assistance finding resources for your research? Want to talk through your topic or search for additional perspectives? We've got online meetings with librarians available! Schedule a consultation with a librarian and encourage your students to do so as well.

Chat with librarians over IM and encourage your students to do so as well. Our librarians are available 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday.

Working on your own research and scholarship? Check out the UI Libraries Scholarly Impact Department. The UI Libraries’ Scholarly Impact department is committed to increasing public access to information and to the advancement of knowledge. We support UI researchers and scholars in maximizing the impact of their research and creative works. Through the development of infrastructure and personalized, responsive services, we assist with reputation management and increasing outreach to relevant audiences and stakeholders. We offer consultations for individuals as well as training sessions for groups

Main Library Gallery

Checkout the Fall 2023 Main Library Gallery exhibition, Hey Buddy, I'm Bill.  Hey Buddy, I’m Bill tells the story of Bill Sackter, the namesake of Wild Bill’s (formerly Wild Bill’s Coffee Shop) in the University of Iowa School of Social Work. From his early life in Minneapolis to his 44-year institutionalization for an intellectual disability to his years of friends and fame in Iowa City, the exhibit shares a glimpse into Bill’s life and legacy. The exhibit also acknowledges some of Iowa’s own history with institutionalization and progress with disability rights, and places Bill’s story in the context of the historic treatment of people with disabilities. The exhibit not only tells how Bill’s life embodied the disability practices and perspectives of his time, but also how the national prominence of his life story helped America make progress toward better understanding and treatment of people with disabilities.

The exhibition features artifacts, documents, and ephemera from Bill’s life as well as ways for visitors to contribute stories about their own experiences with disability.

Hey Buddy, I'm Bill will be open between August 21 and December 19, 2023.  Interested in bringing your class in for a tour? Please do. We've also got a classroom ready assignment/activity series mapped to Rhetoric learning objectives that you can use to guide student engagement with exhibit materials. For more information on the exhibit, visit 

Questions? Ideas? Feedback?

Please let me, Cathy Cranston (, know if I can answer any questions you might have. I will try to respond within 48 hours to all email inquiries. You can also schedule an appointment with me:

Page updated: 2/15/2023