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For Rhetoric Instructors

What library instruction in Rhetoric looks like

  • We work with you to plan a librarian-led instructional session that fits the needs of your class and your students.
  • To request a library/information literacy instruction session, use Rhetoric Library Instruction Request Form. We prefer that you schedule your library instruction session at least 2-3 weeks in advance. 
  • The following list describes the types of instructional sessions available*:
    • 'Standard' library introduction and basic information literacy instruction sessions (50-110 minutes)
      • 50 minutes
        • InfoHawk+, introduction to keyword development, boolean and phrase searching, one or two databases
      • 110 minutes
        • 50 minute session coverage + more active learning = more retention
          • Examples of active learning include but not limited to: flipped database searching, small group work, races, etc.
    • Individually tailored instruction session with conceptual and practical learning objectives