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Manga for Japanese Language Learners: Manga in UI Libraries


Manga Search in InfoHawk+

To find Manga in the UI Collection, browse call number range PN6790.J3-PN6790.J34.


Use Subject Headings such as "Comic books, strips, etc. -- Japan." or
"Graphic novels -- Japan." Try both Subject beginning with ... search and keyword in subject search.

Manga Locations

Check location information in InfoHawk carefully. Manga can be found at the following locations:

Main Japanese Collection: 2nd floor

   Manga in Japanese.
   Bilingual titles.


Main Library: 4th floor

   English translations.

To Read Manga

アニメ・マンガの日本語 = Japanese in Manga & Anime:

E-learning site for kanji and Japanese expressions used in anime and manga.


Weblo 辞書 

Collection of dictionaries including 類語 (thesaurus), 英和・和英(English-Japanese/Japanese-English), 手話 (sign language), and many glossaries.



Use your mouse like your pen and look up Chinese characters.


Japan Knowledge

Online Manga


Manga with ルビ

動物のお医者さん / 佐々木 倫子. Main Japanese Collection PN6790.J33 S27 1995  

花よりも花の如く / 成田美名子. Main Japanese Collection PN6790.J33 N37 2003

日出処の天子 / 山岸凉子. Main Japanese Collection PN6790.J33 Y36 1994

To find more manga with ruby, go to Advanced Search screen in InfoHawk. Combine Subject Words search using Comic + Japan and Keyword Anywere with a phrase "with furigana." Enclose your search phrase in double quotes!

Manga Recommendation Videos

Learn Japanese with Manga

This YouTube site provides manga recommendations which come with English and Japanese closed captions.

Bilingual Manga and Manga Titles Available Both in Japanese and English Translation

対訳OL進化論 = Survival in the office : the evolution of Japanese working women

Main Japanese Collection PN6790.J33 A471 1999 


リボン の 騎士 Ribon no kishi 

Main Japanese Collection PN6790.J33 T4938 2001


サザエさん = The wonderful world of Sazae-san  

Main Japanese Collection PN6790.J3 H37 1997


夕凪の街 ; 桜の国 Yūnagi no machi ; Sakura no kuni

Japanese original: Main Japanese Collection PN6790.J33 K66 2004
English translation: Main Library PN6790.J33 K68 2006 

Japanese Language Textbooks with Manga

Living Japanese through comics : culture in Japan : a cognitive approach to spoken Japanese

Main Library PL524.8 .L578 2003


Living Japanese through comics : life in Japan : a cognitive approach to spoken Japanese

Main Library PL524.8 .L58 2003  Main Japanese Collection PL524.8 .L58 2003


マンガでわかる実用敬語 : 敬語が苦手な人のためのマンガで学べる敬語テキスト初級編 Manga de wakaru jitsuyō keigo : keigo ga nigate na hito no tame no manga de manaberu keigo tekisuto shokyūhen 


マンガで学ぶ日本語表現と日本文化 : 多辺田家が行く!!  Japanese expressions and culture, with the Tabeta family! 


Manga about Japanese Language Learners and Intercultural Communication

日本人の知らない日本語 : なるほど x 爆笑!の日本語“再発見”コミックエッセイ Nihonjin no shiranai Nihongo  

Main Japanese Collection PN6790.J33 U53 2009 

3 v.   Comic texts with good ruby annotations. ルビ付き.


My darling is a foreigner = Dārin wa gaikokujin /  My darling is a foreigner = ダーリンは外国人

Main Japanese Collection PN6790.J33 O33813 2010 

Bilingual edition.

Main Japanese Collection PN6790.J33 O338 2002 

2 v.   Japanese edition. 日本語版. 

Reading Japanese Novels

獣の奏者 Kemono no sōja 

Manga: Main Japanese Collection PL876.5.E337 K462 2009
Original Novel: Main Japanese Collection PL876.5.E337 K46 2006

センセイの鞄 Sensei no kaban  

Manga: Main Japanese Collection PL855.A84 S462 2009
Original Novel: Main Japanese Collection PL855.A84 S46 2001

平成大家族 Heisei daikazoku 

Manga: Main Japanese Collection PL873.5.A34 H4533 2008
Original Novel: Main Japanese Collection PL873.5.A34 H45 2008

邂逅の森 Kaikō no mori 

Manga: Main Japanese Collection PN6790.J33 K654 2005 
Original Novel: Main Japanese Collection PL872.5.U53 K35 2004

あさきゆめみし : 源氏物語  Asaki yume mishi : Genji monogatari 

Manga: Main Japanese Collection PN6790.J33 Y366 2001
           Main Japanese Collection PL788.4.G43 Y32 2000 (Bilingual edition) 
Original Novel:

蟹工船 Kanikōsen

Manga: Main Japanese Collection PN6790.J33 F84 2007
            Main Japanese Collection PL832 .O3 K332 2007 
Original Novel: Main Japanese Collection PL832 .O3 1992 v.2
E-text: from 青空文庫.

破戒 Hakai

Manga: Main Japanese Collection PL816.H55 H332 2007
Original Novel: Main Japanese Collection PL816 .H55 1966 v.2
E-text: from 青空文庫.

人間失格 Ningen shikkaku

Manga: Main Japanese Collection PL825.A8 N532 2007
Original Novel: Main Japanese Collection PL825.A8 A15 v.9
E-text: from 青空文庫.


For more Japanese literature manga titles, search InfoHawk for the following series:

  • Manga de dokuha
  • Manga bungo shirizu

Manga and Japanese Traditional Culture

競技カルタ・百人一首 (Subject Heading: Utagaruta (Game) -- Comic books, strips, etc. )

ちはやふる / 末次由紀. Main Japanese Collection PN6790.J33 S838 2008


(Subject Heading: Nō -- Comic books, strips, etc. )

花よりも花の如く / 成田美名子. Main Japanese Collection PN6790.J33 N37 2003


歌舞伎 (Subject Heading: Kabuki -- Japan -- Comic books, strips, etc. )

かぶく者 / 原作デビッド宮原 ; 漫画たなか亜希夫. Main Japanese Collection PN6790.J33 T365 2007 


将棋  (Subject Heading: Shogi -- Japan -- Comic books, strips, etc. )

3月のライオン = March comes in like a lion / 羽海野チカ ; 将棋監修・先崎学. Main Japanese Collection PN6790.J33 U48 2008


書道  (Subject Heading: Calligraphy, Japanese -- Comic books, strips, etc. )

とめはねっ! : 鈴里高校書道部 / 河合克敏. Main Japanese Collection PN6790.J33 K396 2007


風呂  (Subject Heading: Baths -- Japan -- Comic books, strips, etc. )

テルマエ・ロマエ / ヤマザキマリ. Main Japanese Collection PN6790.J33 Y363 2009  


茶道  (Subject Heading: Japanese tea masters -- Japan -- Comic books, strips, etc. )

千利休 / 清原なつの.  Main Japanese Collection GT2911.S4 K59 2004