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Manga for Japanese Language Learners: Open Access Manga

About This Page

This page collects Japanese websites on manga: i.e. Japanese comics or graphic novels. Although there are many websites which illegally upload copyrighted manga works, this online guide collects only authentic websites, operated by manga publishers and ebookstores. Many of these websites distribute free web comics and offer free previews of commercial comics, which may be useful for those who would like to review manga works for collection development, research and teaching.This online guide also provides links to manga related websites, such as news sites, online archives, and more.

Disclaimer: This online guide is meant to provide links to web resources created by third parties. Contents available through these websites may contain materials not suitable for educational purposes. The compiler of this online guide has no control over these websites and cannot be held responsible for website contents.

[Courtesy of Michiko Ito / The University of Kansas Libraries]

Open Access Comics

This box provides access to websites or comic titles which are completely open access. May be used for tadoku (extensive reading) exercise. Some websites contain contents which may not be suitable for educational reading.

Open Access Manga (Individual Titles)

This box introduces individual Open Access (=free) manga, as selected by the compiler.

Websites by Comic Publishers

This box lists the websites operated by major comic publishers to announce their new and popular comic publications. Some publishers separately operate serialized web comics (see the box in the middle column.) Free previews available.

Serialized web comics (includes free previews)

This box lists selected websites for serialized web comics, which are mainly operated by well-known comic publishers. Each website includes dozens of titles. In most cases, the first few episodes and most recent episodes are available for free. Registration and/or purchase is often required to read full contents, such as when users are required to purchase "coins" or "points" to read chapters. Please also note that these services are often limited to within Japan or require credit cards issued in Japan.

E-comic stores

This box introduces e-comic stores. Many of these websites provide free previews. Typically these e-comic websites require membership or registration for purchase. However, please note that some services are limited to within Japan or requires the use of a credit card issued in Japan. Purchased contents may not remain accessible in the event a member's membership is canceled.

Other Comic Websites

Online Archives and Databases

Organizations, Museums, Institutes