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International Labour Organization (ILO) Research Guide: Journals and Serials

Journals and Serials

  • Bulletin of the ILO. 1906-1919. Gov Pubs Stacks 338.9 I61.
  • International Labour Conventions and Recommendations. Gov Pubs Stacks K1703.I57
  • International Labour Review. 1921-. Gov Pubs Stacks HD4811.I65. Contains journal articles dealing with research by the ILO and others into economic and social subjects pertaining to international labour issues.
  • Judgements of the Administrative Tribunal of the ILO. 1978- Gov Pubs Stacks K1704.52.I57. Continues Series C of the Official Bulletin
  • Labour Law Documents. 1990-1995. Gov Pubs Stacks HD7809.L3. Includes labour legislation of different countires as well as conventions and other agreements of ILO and other international organizations. Continues Legislative Series.
  • Legislative Series. 1920-1988. Gov Pubs Stacks HD7809 .I74. Continued by Labour Law Documents.
  • Minutes of the Governing Body. 1932-1973. Gov Pubs Stacks HD7801.I658.
  • Official Bulletin. 1919- . Gov Pubs Stacks HD4811.I573.
    Series A: Includes key documentation of the ILO. Provides the texts and status of conventions as well as the texts of ILO recommendations. This source also gives information regarding activities of the ILO.
    Series B: Reports of the Committee on Freedom of Association. 
    Series C: 1975-1977. Judgements given by the Administrative Tribunal of the ILO. Continued by Judgements of the... See above.
  • Studies and Reports. 1920-1929. Gov Pubs Stacks 331.06 I61s. Series C-P.
  • Studies and Reports Series A. Gov Pubs Stacks HD6961.I63
  • Studies and Reports Series B. Gov Pubs Stacks HC54.I6
  • Studies and Reports New Series. HD7801.I67
  • Social and Labour Bulletin. 1974-1992. Main Library journal stacks, 3rd floor. Contains articles on social and economic policy, effects of new technologies, income distribution, labour relations, trade unions, collective agreements, wages, working conditions, employment, occupational safety and health, social security, and other topics pertaining to international labour issues.

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