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Election and voting resources from state, U.S. and world organizations.


You may have heard that you should vote twice to make sure that your vote gets counted, however it is llegal to vote twice.  From NBC News:

"Despite what Trump has suggested, experts say trying to vote twice is a bad idea. First, it's illegal to vote more than once. Second, it isn't some sort of voter insurance method. "It's a bad idea. And it's also not a fail-safe," McReynolds said."Anybody who goes and attempts to do that is going to be turned over to the district attorney or potentially attorney general," she said. "It is a crime to attempt to vote twice or to do it. Those penalties aren't small. They're felonies in most cases."

Fact-checking websites

Use fact-checking websites to confirm whether certain political statements are truthful.

  • Snopes is probably the most trusted online fact-checking website. It has been verifying the accuracy online information since the dawn of the Internet.
  • Politifact is a well-known fact-checker that specializes in determining the accuracy of politicians' statements and arguments.
  • is another trusted non-profit, non-partisan fact-checking organization.
  • Whois can help you determine who registered a particular domain. This can be helpful when you want to find out who owns a website.

How Homegrown Disinformation Could Disrupt the U.S. Election

How Homegrown Disinformation Could Disrupt the U.S. Election