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Japanese Writers and Iowa: 1987-1996

Subject Headings

To find more materials written by the Japanese IWP authors in InfoHawk+, go to Browse UI Catalog screen first. Choose By author and use the following subject heading.

  • International Writing Program participants -- Japan

If you are looking for works about the Japanese IWP authors, select By subject search and use their names as your search term.

  • eg) Shimada, Masahiko, 1961-

To Find English Translations

If you are interested in which Japanese IWP writers' works have been translated into English, try these translation works databases. These databases are not a full-text database.

These databases are not comprehensive. Japanese Literature in Translation Search List Search doesn't include online publications.


Also search OCLC WorldCat. The database often includes table of contents of anthologies and edited books. You may find additional English translations of the IWP writers or works about them in the database.


Haruhiko Yoshimeki IWP '94 吉目木晴彦

Iowa and IWP

  • アイオワの鯰釣り in 群像 50(1), p322~327, 1995/01.

Updated: 12/16/2014

Kazuko Shimizu IWP '92 清水和子

So Aono IWP '92 青野聰

Kiyohiro Miura IWP '91 三浦清宏

Iowa and IWP:

Hisaki Matsuura IWP '89 松浦寿輝