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European Union Research Guide: Statistics & Indexes


Eurostat is the statistical agency for the European Union. The Library receives copies of most statistical publications either from the EU (check the Library Catalog) or as part of the Index to International Statistics (IIS) microfiche set. The best indexing and access to the contents of Eurostat publications is provided through the IIS (1983-, Reference and Government Publications fAI1.I49), and the web counterpart Proquest Statistical Insight.  Restricted Resource. Eurostat makes a good deal of statistical information available freely from its web site. 

Indexes & Directories

  • EU Bookshop . "EU Bookshop is an online service giving access to publications from the EU institutions, agencies and other bodies. In addition to the online bookshop, this service will offer an online catalogue and archive of all EU publications."
  • ECLAS - European Commission Libraries Catalogue
    Beginning with 1983, this indexes information from and about the EU, including:
    A - main European Union documents (e.g. the Official Journal, COM docs, etc.)
    B - official publications of EU institutions
    C - articles from approximately 2000 periodicals world-wide which relate to the EU; and
    D - statements from industry.
    Each citation has the letter (A-D) designation indicating the type of material. Articles indexed may be in any of the EU Official languages, A and B series are indexed in English.
  • European Access, 1989-2002. Government Publications HC241.2 E814
    A bi-monthly publication which included current awareness tools such as chronology and topical "bibliogrpahic essay" [indexed at CU-Boulder ]. It is a bibliographic point-of-entry to publications on recent events and issues in the EU. The largest section is "Recent Information" which uses subject divisions to classify information from the EU and other sources. Published in the UK, items indexed include official documentation of the EU, as well as the Financial Times, The Economist, and The Journal of the Common Market Studies.
  • Documents of the European Communities , or Documents Catalogue. Government Publications  Z7165.E8 C566 (1987-2000)
    Indexes COM Documents of the Commission of the EU, the Reports and Working Papers of the European Parliament, and the Opinions and Reports of the Economic and Social Committee. Documents of the European Communities is divided into three parts: a classified index, an alphabetical (key word) index, and a numerical index.

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