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European Union Research Guide: Current Information

Current Information


  • Europa: Gateway to the European Union
  • EU Delegation to the United States
  • European Union Internet Resources. Collection of sites from UC Berkeley
  • Press Watch. European Commission Representation in the United Kingdom
  • RAPID. RAPID contains press releases from the European Commission, Council of Ministers, Court of Justice, Court of Auditors, Economic and Social Committee, and the Committee of the Regions
  • Access World News. Includes full-text to European newspapers, wires, and transcripts.
  • Nexis UNI Restricted Resource. Includes full-text access to European newspapers, newswires, and transcripts.
  • World News Connection Restricted Resource.Translates daily news accounts, commentaries, and government statements from foreign broadcasts, press agency transmissions, newspapers, and periodicals published within the previous 48–72 hours. See also FBIS elsewhere on the Government Publications web site.
  • Bulletin of the European Union.1994-2009.  Government Publications HC241.2.A212
    Covers all insitutions of the EU. Reports on proposals issued, meetings, and decisions taken. References pertinent points in earlier issues. Excellent place to go for legislative history, and has a very good index.
  • General Report on the Activities of the European Union. Government Publications HC241.2.A17.
    The EU's annual comprehensive source of legislative information. Footnotes decisions published in the Official Journal, and references the Bulletin of the European Union, and other related topics in the General Report.
  • European Economy. Government Publications HC241.2.E857
    This publication series appears six times a year as a paper subscription and web version. It contains important reports and communications from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament on the economic situation and development.

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