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Aging Adults: Reading List 153

Selected readings and library resources for 42:211 Programs and Services for Aging Adults.

Reading List

Butler, S. (2009). Women still taking care: The experiences of older home care workers. Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 52(3), 277.

Legal Counsel for the Elderly, Inc. An older person’s guide to finding legal help. Retrieved July/16, 2009, from

Martinson, M., & Minkler, M. (2006). Civic engagement and older adults: A critical perspective. The Gerontologist, 46(3), 318-324.

Parker, M. G., & Thorslund, M. (2007). Health trends in the elderly population: Getting better and getting worse. The Gerontologist, 47(2), 150-158.

Rabig, J., Thomas, W., Kane, R. A., Cutler, L. J., & McAlilly, S. (2006). Radical redesign of nursing homes: Applying the green house concept in tupelo, mississippi. The Gerontologist, 46(4), 533-539.

Rahman, A. N., & Schnelle, J. F. (2008). The nursing home culture-change movement: Recent past, present, and future directions for research. The Gerontologist, 48(2), 142-148.

Scharlach, A. (2012). The "village" model" A consumer-driven approach for aging in place. The Gerontologist, 52(3), 418-427.

Waldrop, D. P. (2006). At the eleventh hour: Psychosocial dynamics in short hospice stays. The Gerontologist, 46(1), 106-114.

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