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Aging Adults: Reading List 211

Selected readings and library resources for 42:211 Programs and Services for Aging Adults.

Reading List


Readings for Individual and Family Development: Life Span (42:153:211)

Milardo, R. M. (2000). The decade in review. JMF, 873-875.

Teachman, J. D. et al. (2000). The changing demography of America's families. JMF,

Bengston, V. L. (2001). Beyond the nuclear family: The increasing importance of
multigenerational bonds. Journal of Marriage and Family 63, 1-16.

Elder, G. H., Jr., Johnson, M. K., & Crosnoe, R. (2003). The emergence and
development of life course theory. In J. Mortimer & J. Shanahan (Eds.),
Handbook of the life course (pp. 3-19). New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenum.
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Booth, A. et al. (2000). Biosocial perspectives on the family. JMF, 1018-1034.

Fox, G. L., & Murry, V. McB. (2000). Gender and families: Feminist perspectives and
family research. JMF, 1160-1172.

Seltzer, J. (2000). Families formed outside of marriage. JMF, 1247-1268.

Demo, D. H., & Cox, M.J. (2000). Families with young children: A review of research in
the 1990's. JMF, 876-895.

Schweiger, W. K., & O'Brien, M. (2005). Special needs adoption: An ecological
systems approach. Family Relations, 54, 512-522.

Marsiglio, W., et al. (2000). Scholarship on fatherhood in the 1990's and beyond.
JMF, 1173-1191.

Arendell, T. (2000). Conceiving and investigating motherhood: The decade's scholarship.
JMF, 1192-1207.

Berkowitz, D., & Marsiglio, W. (2007). Gay men: Negotiating procreative, father, and
family identities. Journal of Marriage and Family, 69, 366-381.

Furstenberg, F. (2000). The sociology of adolescence and youth in the 1990's: A critical
commentary. JMF, 896-910.

Christopher, F. S., & Sprecher, S. (2000). Sexuality in marriage, dating, and other
relationships: A decade review. JMF, 999-1017.

Richardson, R. A. (2004). Early adolescence talking points: Questions that middle school
students want to ask their parents. Family Relations, 53, 82-94.

Wright, C. (2006). Identity transformation and family caregiving: Narratives of African
American teen mothers. Journal of Marriage and Family, 68, 1214-1228.

Bradbury, T. N., et al. (2000). Research on the nature and determinants of marital
satisfaction: A decade in review. JMF, 964-980.

Johnson, M. P., & Ferraro, K. J. (2000). Research on domestic violence in the 1990's:
making distinctions. JMF, 948-963.

Fincham, F. D., Hall, J., & Beach, S. R. H. (2006). Forgiveness in marriage: Current
Status and future directions. Family Relations, 55, 415-427.
Link to PDF article

Allen, K. R. et al. (2000). Families in the middle and later years: A review and critique
of research in the 1990's. JMF, 911-926.

Porche, M., & Purvin, D. M. (2008). Never in our lifetime: Legal marriage for same-
Sex couples in long-term relationships. Family Relations, 57, 144-159.

Hayslip, B., & Kaminski, P. (2005). Grandparents raising grandchildren: A review of the
literature and suggestions for practice. The Gerontologist, 45, 262-269.

White, L., & Rogers, S. J. (2000). Economic circumstances and family outcomes: A
review of the 1990's. JMF, 1035-1051

Seccombe, K. (2000). Families in poverty in the 1990's: Trends, causes, consequences,
and lessons learned. JMF, 1094-1113.

Orthner, D., K, Jones-Sampei, H., & Williams, S. (2004). The resilience and strengths of
low income families. Family Relations, 53, 59-167.
Link to article from publisher

Perry-Jenkins, M. et al. (2000). Work and family in the 1990's. JMF, 981-998.

Cancian, M., & Meyer, D. R. (2004). Fathers of children receiving welfare: Can they
provide more child support? Social Service Review, 78, 179-206.

Ames, B., Brosi, W.A., & Damiano-Teixeira, K. M. (2006). I'm just glad my three jobs
would be during the day: Women and work in a rural community. Family
Relations, 55, 119-131.
Link to PDF

Patterson, C. J. (2000). Family relationships of lesbians and gay men. JMF, 1052-1069.

McLoyd, V. C. et al. (2000). Marital processes and parental socialization in families of
color: A decade review of research. JMF, 1070-1093.

Becker, G., Beyene, Y., Newsom, E., & Mayen, N. (2003). Creating continuity through
mutual assistance: Intergenerational reciprocity in four ethnic groups. Journal of
Gerontology: Social Sciences, 58B, S151-S159.

Amato, P. R. (2000). The consequences of divorce for adults and children. JMF, 1269-

Coleman, M. (2000). Reinvestigating remarriage: Another decade of progress. JMF,

Few, A. L. (2005). The voices of black and white rural battered women in domestic
violence shelters. Family Relations, 54, 488-500.

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