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American History: Digital Collections

A guide to resources that support research in American History

Digital Collections

Archives Unbound

Includes the following Collections:

  • Afghanistan and the U.S., 1945-1963: Records of the U.S. State Department Central Classified Files
  • American Indian Correspondence: Presbyterian Historical Society Collection of Missionaries’ Letters, 1833-1893
  • The American Indian Movement and Native American Radicalism
  • Democracy in Turkey, 1950-1959: Records of the U.S. State Department Classified Files
  • Electing the President: Proceedings of the Democratic National Conventions, 1832-1988
  •  Electing the President: Proceedings of the Republican National Conventions, 1856-1988
  • Federal Response to Radicalism in the 1960s
  • Foreign Relations Between the U.S. and Latin America and the Caribbean States, 1930-1944
  • Intelligence Reports from the National Security Council’s Vietnam Information Group, 1967-1975
  • Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees: The West’s Response to Jewish Emigration
  • Japan at War and Peace, 1930-1949: U.S. State Department Records on the Internal Affairs of Japan
  • Overland Journeys: Travels in the West, 1800-1880
  • "We Were Prepared for the Possibility of Death:" Freedom Riders in the South, 1961

American Memory

Digital Sanborn Maps

Civil War Diaries and Letters

World Digital Library