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United States Government Information: Debates (Congressional Record)

This guide provides access to a selection of resources for current and historical public policy and consumer information issued by U.S. government agencies and private publishers. The University of Iowa is a Federal Depository Library.

      The Legislative Process

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From Bill to Law

Debates (Congressional Record)

The Congressional Record (1874-present) is the official source of debates of Congress in transcript form.  Use Infohawk+ to find resources and titles in the UI Libraries.

What You'll Find in the CR

  • Proceedings of the Senate and House of Representative include statements made on the floor of the chamber, parliamentary actions and roll call votes.  In addition, communications from the president and executive branch, memorials, petitions, and legislative information.
  • Extensions of Remarks. Includes text not originally part of floor activity but later added at the request of members. Currently used only by representatives, however, senators' extraneous remarks are inserted in the "Additional Statements" section of the Senate pages.
  • Laws and Rules for Publication of the Congressional Record (printed in most, but not all, issues of the Daily Edition)
  • The Daily Digest. A concise summary of the day's congressional activity. Includes highlights, actions, and meetings for both chambers.

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